Happy New Year. May you get what you want this year.

Algoma is reviewed in today’s Globe & Mail and the January/February 2012 issue of THIS Magazine.

For all Algoma-related press, click here.

In the meantime, work on a new book begins. Here’s my super fancy set up. The oven fries are an integral part of the process.

One thought on “Janvier

  1. Hey Dani,

    We met on a train to Ottawa a while back. You were headed to Ottawa to receive a prize for your book. Well, you passed on your website/blog information and then I forgot to write to you, and time passed.
    And now I remembered again, a friend was at an event where you read from your work. So I thought I’d connect with you.

    Hope all’s well. I read the two copies of Walrus you gave me; I plan on finding your book. It’s on my long reading list! All the best, and thanks for the good company on the train.

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