A year is a long time and no time at all. Some things change. Some remain the same. Expected things happen. Some things catch us off guard. And some things change us permanently. All of this for better or worse. Sometimes both.

While time heals, some hurts never leave, only changing the first shape they took. Meanwhile, time also gives countless opportunities for happiness, to love and be loved, to reshape your world and the world around you. It’s all a choice. As a good friend of mine says frequently, “Choose your choice.”

For the new year, I wish for peace for those who have lost, and those who are lost and remain so.

A number of the gifts I’ve given this year have been charitable. If you’re so inclined, may I offer some suggestions for your end-of-year donations, if you’re able to, as these are ones I’ve supported in the past year:

Health and happiness for the holidays, for a new year,