Recent Publications

“A Brief History.” Plenitude Magazine. April 2017.

“Mother, Order Octopoda.” Dark Horse (U.K.).  Late Winter-Spring Issue. 2017.

“Pioneer 14.” Arc. Winter issue. 2017.

“You Wore Out Your Welcome With Radiant Ability” Boston Review (U.S.). March 2017.

Black Sea Nettle. Chapbook. Anstruther Press. November 2016.

“Black Sea Nettle.” Best Canadian Poetry 2016. 2016

“At Track Level.” The Fiddlehead. Summer 2016.

“Report on the Status of Raccoons on Fern Avenue.” Taddle Creek. Summer 2016.

“Virga,” “Arc,” and “This is Gravity.” Ambit (U.K.). 2016

“Clonal” and “Red Eye.” Grain. 2016

“The Omega Trick.” National Water Centre website. 2016

“I Come Around With Appetite to Parties.” The Awl (U.S.). Jun. 2015.

“What He Ate Did Not So Much Relieve His Hunger.” The Awl (U.S.). Feb. 2015.

“Cacophonous Aggregations” and “The Omega Trick.” The Malahat Review. Fall 2015

“Black Sea Nettle” and “Division.” Prism International. Fall 2015

“Watched By the Drone.” Forget Magazine. 2015

“Prototype.” New Poetry. 2015

“Phantom Limb.” The Walrus. 2015. [non-fiction]

“KIC 4862625” and “Red Crown.” Lemon Hound. 2013.

“Corrections.” Hazlitt. 2013.

“Salvage.” Best Canadian Poetry in English 2012. 2012

“Salvage.” The Walrus. 2012.

“The Mechanical Baby.” Grain.2009 [Short story]

“Union Station.” Best Canadian Poetry in English 2008. 2008.

“The Port-Wine-Stain Removal Technique.” This Magazine. 2008. [Short story]

“Warning Signs.” Interaccess gallery broadside. 2008. [Short story]

“Union Station.” This Magazine. 2007.